"Mysterion" Roulette

«Mysterion» roulette manufactured by Galaxion company is automated gaming machine with the real size wheel that does not require the constant presence of the croupier.

The pneumatic roulette is destined for operation in casinos and gaming halls. Full automation of the ball shot process and the win number identification enable «Mysterion» operation in non-stop long run work mode. Game fields allow call bets - bets on sector (tier, voisen, orphelins, zero game) and on neighbors as in the classic roulette.

From the construction standpoint the roulette consists of a set of standardized modules: the central module is with the roulette wheel and the gaming seat modules are with inbuilt BVs. Such construction provides convenience at assembling and flexibility to configure the roulette while choosing the number of the gaming seats. The possibility to increase or decrease the number of the gaming seats is ensured by 4 basic configurations of «Mysterion»: the roulette can be completed with four, six, eight or ten gaming seats. The roulette «Mysterion» is certified in Ukraine, Russia, Check Republic, Spain, Albania and Serbia; CE certificate obtained.

Bets are placed using 19” TFT monitors with touch screen (ELO Touch).

Credit in:
- bills in,
-key in/off,
-coins (optional).
TITO ready.

Easy service: any terminal/s can be switched off with no effect to the others. Convenient system of storage and display of the information about all operations, actions and roulette sensors. System of sensors guarantees the complete control of functioning: ball tracing, wheel rotation speed control, identification of the win number, inclination and/or swinging of the machine, door opening and the internal temperature. The machine gets blocked in case of unendorsed interference into its inner space. Possibility for remote access to the roulette using modern types of connection (modem connections, i-net, GPRS) that allows to trace statistics, do remote diagnostics and change the roulette settings remotely.
Automatic statistics transfer via GPRS modem.
Voltage jumps protection (stabilizer and Smart UPS).
Antivandal 19" monitors on the game fields (ELO Secure Touch).
Fraud protection.
23” TFT monitor located on the central side panel provides the possibility for additional bets and wins control.